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ESG – rumours of its death are (mostly) exaggerated

Sentiment towards Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) is showing signs of cracks in recent months following years of positive outperformance.

The market has become sceptical of the topic following recent fund outflows, accusations of greenwashing and companies citing it as uneconomic and unviable.

This view that the costs outweigh the benefits of ESG is seen as detrimental to client returns… but it does not have to be.

Join our team to hear more about the ESG landscape, why we believe a simple and pragmatic approach is best, and examples of engagement with investee companies.

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Spotlight on the Stellar AiM IHT Service

When it comes to the Alternative Investment Market (AiM), there is often an assumption that larger market capitalisation means less risk.

However, this is not always the case.

Small-cap stocks represent one of the last areas of market inefficiency. This is why the managers of the Stellar AiM IHT Service are looking for opportunities in this space.

Whilst there is hidden value within these small-caps, a different focus requires a different approach to AiM investment.

Join our team as they unpack how this process allows us to get in early when stocks are smaller, cheaper and below the radar and exit when they become larger, expensive and more coveted.

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Does the four-day week work?

The world of work has changed significantly in recent years. The flexibility of a Business’s working practices have become crucial in developing company culture.

Whether it is working from home, condensed hours or use of co-working spaces, the importance of flexibility continues to grow.

In June 2022, Stellar were one of 70 UK companies that took part in the 4 Day Week Global pilot.

This project involved a transition to all employees working a four-day week over a six-month period. The trial was based on the 100:80:100 model – 100% of pay for 80% of the time, in exchange for a commitment to maintain 100% productivity.

Join our team as they uncover the realities of implementing a four-day week and reveal the impact it has had on their well-being, productivity and morale.

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What Kind of Events Do We Run?

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We host a range of webinars and events for advisers throughout the year.

A number of our events are CPD certified in order for our attendees to use the learning time towards their annual Continuing Professional Development requirements.

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The tangible assets behind IHT Services

Held on 2nd November 2022

Those seeking to utilise Business Relief almost always have one thing in common.

Whether they have to change to support complex family dynamics, a keen interest in socially responsible investing or the want to avoid additional taxes such as CGT, the desire to minimise risk is a common thread.

A diverse portfolio is one of the most effective ways to provide the necessary security without compromising growth.

Twinkle, twinkle, small-cap stars

Held on 13th October 2022

The UK stock market remains cheap relative to most other developed markets. Within that, small-caps are also trading at a significant discount to their larger-capped peers.

In this webinar, our team explained why we believe now is a good time to increase exposure to small-caps as an asset class.

Finding opportunities to write estate planning business

Held on 19th May 2022

As asset values rise, inheritance tax allowances remain frozen and the taboo of discussing financial planning continues to fade, the demand for IHT planning looks set to grow in the years ahead.

In this webinar, our team explored a wide range of client planning case studies to examine how estate planning could be an important business growth opportunity.

The power of diversification

Held on 28th April 2022

By investing in a portfolio of non-correlated assets, investors have confidence that their legacy can continue to grow even in turbulent times.

In this webinar, our team explored the opportunities available for clients across a range of business activities and how an ESG conscious mindset is crucial for success in these vastly different sectors.

Quantitative tightening, very very frightening?

Held on 24th February 2022

The start of a new year saw a large rotation away from so called Growth stocks into cheaper, Value stocks.

In this webinar, our Investment Director Stephen English explored what this means for equities and the AiM IHT strategy more specifically and how we are positioned to take advantage of any regime change between traditional Growth and Value stocks.

Stellar Estate Planning Virtual Summit

Held on 21st October 2021

Changing the perceptions of sustainable intergenerational estate planning and highlighting the opportunities ahead.

This free virtual event included masterclasses, keynotes, panel discussions.

Financial advisers and private client professionals heard from leading experts on inheritance tax, trusteeship, property, probate and much more.

T.O.W.I.E. – The Only Way Is Equity: AiM Update

Held on 8th September 2021

After a period of unprecedented monetary and fiscal support over the last 18 months, investors around the world have piled into equities during 2021, which has driven the market rebound.

AiM has generated significant returns, so join us to explore how we navigated this environment and continue to identify pockets of value. We will look at growing inflation risk and explore what measures we can take to mitigate such risk.

AiM Update | T.O.W.I.E. – The Only Way Is Equity

Original Date | 8th September 2021

We explored how we navigate the AiM market and continue to identify pockets of value.


Tax and Intergenerational Planning

Original Date | 29th July 2021

We explored a variety of scenarios that can impact later life planning when considering beneficiaries from multiple generations.

Business Relief Strategies: Golf and Hotel Business Activities

Original Date | 15th July 2021

We examined some of the golf and hotel business activities that we offer via our services.

Residential Property Incorporation for IHT | Part Two

Original Date | 8th July 2021

This is the second in the series. We further examined the options available for advisers to support investors with buy to let portfolios of residential property.

Inheritance Tax – What Happens on Death

Original Date | 30th June 2021

We looked at the process of inheritance tax being applied on death and how you can utilise this information to mitigate your clients’ exposure.

Business Relief Strategies: Property Development Business Activities

Original Date | 23rd June 2021

We explored some of the property development activities that we offer via our services.

Cash Flow Modelling for IHT

Original Date | 16th June 2021

We clarified what capital is required for later life and identified the opportunities for advisers using cash flow modelling techniques.

Gifting – Having your cake and eating it!

Original Date | 27th May 2021

We explored some of the more complex areas of gifting and the options that are available to advisers and their clients

Residential Property Incorporation for IHT | Part One

Original Date | 20th May 2021

We examined the options available for advisers to support investors with buy to let portfolios of residential property.

An Overview of Business Relief Strategies

Original Date | 13th May 2021

We examined the Business Relief qualifying activities that we offer via our services.

Getting Clever with Business Relief

Original Date | 21st April 2021

We explored some of the more creative uses of Business Relief and the benefits these approaches could bring for your clients.

What’s Next after Selling a Business?

Original Date | 18th March 2021

Understanding the lifecycle of a company enables business owners to prepare for the road ahead – and protect it for what’s to come.

Using a Personal Trading Company Structure

Original Date | 17th March 2021

We cover the value of using a Personal Trading Company structure in succession planning compared to other vehicles.

Exploring the Types of Business Sale and a Tax Efficient Exit

Original Date | 4th March 2021

We explore the types of business sale available, as well as what a purchaser may consider, to help navigate the most tax efficient exit.

Preparing a Business for Maximum Value

Original Date | 18th February 2021

We focused on what business owners need to elevate the value of their company.

Business Relief Strategies

Original Date | 17th February 2021

We explore both the basics and some of the more complex areas of utilising Business Relief (BR) strategies.

Making a Business Invincible

Original Date | 4th February 2021

From shareholder agreements to T&Cs, we explore what documents are needed for a healthy business – and what happens if you don’t have them.

To Get More – AiM for Less

Original Date | 3rd November 2020

Our AiM Investment Director shared valuable insights in to our investment philosophy and how we stay ahead in a market that is constantly evolving.