Shining a light: How our founding principles continue to guide the pathway ahead

Many aspects of business can be measured and tracked. But not everything that counts can be counted.

In a business like ours, a shared understanding of the right thing to do is especially critical. Our clients entrust their legacy planning to us to facilitate their hopes and dreams for their loved ones. Responding requires integrity and dedication.

To know what characterises and guides us here at Stellar, we need to go back to our foundation.

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Our values and how we embrace them


Our moral compass as a business informs many of the decisions we make.

A strong example of this came up when we were presented with an opportunity to host a large one-off contract at one of our hotel assets. However, this would have been at the expense of local weddings that had been booked a long time in advance.

As we often strive to do, in this situation we prioritised the local community and long-term customers over short-term profit for a contract that would never return to the hotel.

Claire Taylor, Finance Director


Since joining Stellar I have seen many changes to both our service proposition and the structures behind each product.

We have seen a huge interest from advisers and clients alike as we have increased transparency over our charging structures.

The amendments to our core service offering with 0% initial fees, no deferred annual management charges and no exit charges has demonstrated our continuing strive to promote both respect and transparency for clients.

Glen Halley, Fund Operations Manager


We believe there is no clearer demonstration of collaboration than our willingness to cap the AiM IHT strategy to preserve the potential for strong risk-adjusted returns.

We view our investee companies as ‘partners’ and work with them by making suggestions to improve either their business or their messaging to investors.

This ‘suggestivist’ over ‘activist’ approach is more velvet glove than iron fist, and aligns all parties’ interests; when our investee companies do well, our clients do well, and by extension we do well. A win, win, win.

Stephen English, Investment Director

Our complete set of values