The Estate Planning Specialists

Our services provide relief from inheritance tax after two years, allow you to retain full control of your capital and tailor your estate planning objectives to meet your requirements.

Inheritance Tax (IHT) relief is achieved using longstanding legislation called Business Relief, which was originally introduced to allow individuals and business owners to pass on qualifying assets to their children with no IHT liability.

Wealth preservation is at the forefront of our investment philosophy, and this ensures that you will have the peace of mind that your capital is protected.

Additionally, our services allow you the flexibility to:

  • maximise diversification
  • choose a discretionary or bespoke investment strategy
  • benefit from low fees
  • share any upside

Keeping you in control of your capital

Services that enable you to retain control of your capital throughout your lifetime
and provide a lasting legacy free from inheritance tax.

What makes us different?

Choice of investment strategy

Wealth preservation

Highly diversified investments

Transparency is paramount

Bespoke to your specification

Leave a growing legacy