Stellar Asset Management

We provide services for financial advisers and individuals for whom inheritance tax is a concern to create a robust legacy for future generations.

Our services provide diversity and choice, and allow investors to retain control over their capital during their lifetime.

Experts in inheritance tax planning

At Stellar Asset Management, we strive to create a clear pathway to follow. By working alongside advisers, we deliver specialist services that identify the individual needs of an investor – protecting their capital and providing inheritance tax freedom, to create a lasting legacy for the next generation.

Inheritance Tax Services

A range of managed portfolio services which focus on wealth preservation and seek to provide inheritance tax relief after two years.

Ten Steps to Successful Estate Planning

Actions that you can take to deliver better outcomes for clients and realise the growth opportunities for your business.

Business Activities

We are continually sourcing and developing highly secure investment sectors, to ensure investors can benefit from exceptional diversification.

Virtual Summit Resources

We have published a series of articles to cover the key takeaways and highlights from the Stellar Estate Planning Virtual Summit.

Events for Advisers

From seminars to workshops, we arrange a host of events to provide advisers with a platform to expand their estate planning opportunities.

Adviser Resources

Visit our resource centre to view and download all of our key brochures and application forms, and a wealth of other useful investment information – to help guide your clients.

The Inheritance Economy

Explore how the Inheritance Economy landscape is changing – and what advisers can do to help their clients navigate estate planning.

Latest News

Catch up on the latest news and information, to gain valuable insight into what we do to stay ahead of this evolving industry.

Investor Hub

Discover our wide range of services – designed to support the estate planning requirements of investors.