Our Expertise

Stellar employs specialist asset managers with extensive experience in each investment sector, and this careful and efficient management means that we seek to deliver our target returns, to maximise investment potential. All of the trading activities we offer are carefully selected, to ensure that they:

  • Qualify for Business Relief, and therefore full inheritance tax relief, after two years
  • Are asset-backed to offer a high level of security
  • Are uncorrelated to equities, gilts and bonds to provide you with investment diversification
  • Can provide a return after fees and charges of up to 5% per annum over the medium term

Capital preservation is the focal point of our investment strategy, and we believe this helps to reduce risk.

They are secure, because our investors own both the land and either the crops growing on it, or the bricks and mortar. Where capital is used for short term lending purposes, such as bridging finance or and development finance, it is secured against assets.

We continually source and develop new sectors, to ensure that investors benefit from diversification in areas that provide a high level of security. In addition, we do not place caps on performance, so the interests of our investors and our asset managers are fully aligned.

Benefits of Our Qualifying Business Activities






IHT relief

Our Business Activities


Renewable Energy

Bridging Finance

Residential Development

Commercial Development