Introduction to AiM

Our Stellar AiM Inheritance Tax Service enables investment in companies that qualify for Business Relief (BR), which are actively trading on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AiM).

AiM is the most successful growth market in the world. Since its launch in 1995, over 3,800* companies have chosen to join AiM. Powering the businesses of tomorrow, it continues to help growing companies raise the capital they need for expansion. Today there are over 800 companies* quoted on AiM, with a combined market capitalisation of nearly £100 billion*.

The AiM market includes new, ambitious and little-known companies that are keen to grow; but not exclusively so. Some of its larger and more familiar names include ASOS, Boohoo and Fever-Tree. With a market capitalisation of approximately £3 billion*, ASOS is one of the biggest and most successful companies currently quoted on AiM.

The nature of AiM means that the size of the companies quoted can vary quite dramatically, with 89.7% of the companies in the index valued at less than £250 million and only 2.2% with a value of over £1 billion.*

*Source: London Stock Exchange AiM Statistics, May 2020


With capital preservation as a key consideration, our Stellar AiM Inheritance Tax Service is comprised of a diverse and carefully-selected portfolio of 40 AiM quoted companies. Our in-depth understanding of the type and range of companies quoted on AiM means that we exclude a substantial portion of these companies from our portfolio, because of their higher levels of volatility and relatively small market capitalisation.

The Value of Diversification

We believe diversification is key to protecting against the market risk of our AiM investments, which is why we offer one of the most diversified portfolios on the market. We hold 40 companies across eight of the ten AiM sectors, and the notable exclusions from our portfolio are the Utilities and Oil & Gas sectors. We also do not invest in companies which have a binary outcome.

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Key Attributes We Seek In Our Stellar AiM IHT Service

AiM is accessible through the following services:

Stellar AiM IHT Service

A discretionary managed portfolio that mitigates risk through a diversified selection of 40 AiM stocks.

Stellar AiM IHT Service on Wrap

The Stellar AiM IHT Service is also available across a number of wrap platforms, to improve choice and investment flexibility for advisers.