The power of diversification

Golf courses. Forests. Residential properties.

These assets do not have much in common with one another.

That is what makes them ideal cornerstones of an estate planning portfolio.

By investing in a portfolio of non-correlated assets, investors have confidence that their legacy can continue to grow even in turbulent times.

In this webinar, our team explored the opportunities available for clients across a range of business activities and how an ESG conscious mindset is crucial for success in these vastly different sectors.

Important Information

Stellar Asset Management Limited does not offer investment or tax advice or make recommendations regarding investments. Prospective investors should ensure that they read the brochure and fully understand the risk factors before making any investment decision. The value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. No assurance or guarantee is given that any targeted returns will be achieved. Forecasts of potential future results are not a reliable indicator of actual future results.

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