Tom Moore


Tom is a tax professional with over 29 years’ experience. His main strengths encompass technical skills as well as the ability to communicate well with people in all spheres of life. This means he likes to get to grips with the finer detail of more complex legislation. At the same time Tom enjoys meeting clients, presenting, training and coaching. Tom advises entrepreneurs and their businesses on all tax-related matters in the UK as well as further abroad.

Tom graduated in modern languages (French and Russian) and started his career as a fast-stream civil servant working in a team advising Treasury ministers on matters relating to the Chancellor’s Budget. He moved into practice with Grant Thornton in 1990, where he qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) and has held various positions with different firms (including PwC and as a partner with both Duncan and Toplis and Haines Watts) and has worked independently. His career has been spent entirely in the field of tax.

Experience has taught Tom that most problems can be solved with a combination of technical expertise and an element of creativity or lateral thinking. It has also taught him that collaboration is more powerful than competition. In addition to his own expertise, Tom has access to a wide network that he has built over the years comprising barristers (mainly tax counsel), lawyers, accountants, specialists in niche areas (transfer pricing, R&D, capital allowances and others) valuation experts and other relevant professionals, as well as people within HMRC.