Will Writing

Honouring the Final Wishes of a Loved One

We recruit the expertise of specialist partners to enrich our estate planning services – and ensure assets fall into the right hands.

It is understandably difficult for people to think about their own passing, or to talk to family or loved ones about what will happen when they die. However, a Will is vital and the first essential step when planning for the future – enabling individuals to be certain that their assets will be passed on in the way they wish them to, upon their death. Without a Will, intestacy rules dictate how assets will be distributed, and this is often not as intended.

It is important that Wills are reviewed by a specialist on a regular basis, to ensure that they still accurately reflect each individual’s wishes – particularly following any major life event such as divorce or when financial circumstances change. It’s also important to note that the act of getting married cancels any previous Will.

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An Overview of Will Services

A Will states who inherits an estate, and is the only way to make sure that it goes to the right people. Not having one is classed as being ‘intestate’, and the estate is distributed according to the rules set by law – which do not cater for specific wishes and can mean that the wrong people may benefit. In some circumstances, assets may go to distant relatives or even pass to the HMRC.

Although everyone knows they should have a Will, 60% of the UK adult population does not. And of the 40% that do have a Will, one in four do not reflect their wishes or are simply not valid – often due to a change of circumstance, or simply not signing the Will properly.

How It Works

Our specialist partners can advise on all of the legal aspects of estate planning, including Will trust planning, powers of attorney, trust administration, the creation of lifetime trusts and deeds of variation, and respective post-death inheritance tax planning. These essential services form the solid foundations for all estate and succession planning, and are critical elements to leaving a lasting legacy.

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