Funeral Planning

Supporting Families at the Most Sensitive Time

Many people struggle to understand the huge range of options available in the funeral market. This confusion often leads to choosing plans that still involve significant additional costs when it comes to settlement. For example, a survey by Fairer Finance found that 90% of people who bought a ‘contribution plan’ believed all of their cremation costs were guaranteed, when this was not the case.

Planning ahead can support you in making more informed decisions, giving your loved ones more security at a time which is often hugely uncertain.

Traditionally, the British public has been reluctant to discuss sensitive topics such as funeral planning. This is one of the reasons why only 1.2 million British people have a plan in place – a small percentage in country of 66 million people. This contrasts significantly with Spain, where over 20 million people have made provisions in a country of less than 47 million.

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An Overview of Funeral Plans

A funeral plan helps to prepare and pay towards the ceremony in advance – helping to lessen the financial weight, as well as the stress and worry for loved ones. In 2017, the average cost of a funeral was £4,078 – a figure which is projected to rise to £7,000 in just 10 years.

How It Works

Key features and benefits
  • Plan portability, which means (unlike many other plans) you can move it between family members
    (see terms for details)
  • OnePlan can be used to pay for the services of any funeral director anywhere in the UK
  • Provision of the professional services of a funeral director to make all arrangements for the funeral
  • The funeral service at a local cemetery or crematorium
  • Two limousines provided
  • OnePlan includes a £1,600 allowance, which is the highest in the industry, to contribute towards disbursements/3rd party fees*
  • Ongoing telephone support for the bereaved
  • Unique digital time capsule with every plan

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