A Simple Concept for a Demanding Lifestyle

As life becomes fuller and more demanding, so too does the torrent of life administration.

From the mundane everyday tasks like booking appointments and managing life logistics,
to the more important responsibilities such as mortgage renewals, insurances or Will writing,
the life admin to-do list is never ending.

And, when juggling the pressures of a busy career and home life, its relentlessness can be exhausting.

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Hotel and Resort Special Offers

Great places to stay and play. Members of the Stellar Club can enjoy preferential rates for weekend and weekday stays in the UK and Europe. When you are ready to travel again, we will be ready for you.

Golfing Getaway Special Offers

If you are a golfer, we want you to enjoy our prestige facilities at preferential Stellar Club rates. Stay at Murrayshall in Perthshire, or visit Paultons Golf Centre in Hampshire for great member offers on Green Fees and the Driving Range.

Early Access to our Residential Properties

You can buy properties in our exclusive housing schemes prior to or during development. Current developments includes the Barker Buildings in Northamptonshire.

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