Anthony Wyld

Forestry Investment Consultancy Limited

Anthony has had a career in the UK Forestry Industry since the 1970s, which is almost since new privately owned upland forestry began with the stimulus of income tax incentives in the 1960s.

As Marketing Director of Economic Forestry Limited during the 1980s, he was responsible for stimulating interest in tree planting amongst successful entrepreneurs until tax rules were changed in the 1988 budget.

Forestry Investment Consultancy Ltd was created to provide investment advice in respect of Reinvestment Relief from Capital Gains Tax (until this was abolished in 1998 Finance Act) and to promote inheritance tax advice applications, which have grown to be a major stimulus to investment in UK woodlands.

During the first decade of the new century, Anthony diversified into other investment areas with Close Brothers, a  listed investment bank, before returning to his Dorset home to concentrate upon providing a very personal investment service to those wanting to invest in UK forestry for long term tax planning.

Today, Forestry Investment Consultancy Ltd manages 18,830 acres of UK forestry in 37 forestry estates. The company handles all administration, management decisions, harvesting and planting operations working closely with the forestry owners.