Our Story

We are the inheritance tax and estate planning specialists, with over three decades of financial services experience. We work alongside advisers to support them in all aspects of estate and inheritance planning.

Our directors have been at the forefront of tax-efficient UK investment since the early 1990s, after first establishing the tax and property division of a major independent merchant bank.  Over the next decade, this company became one of the leading investment houses in the market, with assets under management of some £3.5 billion at its peak.

Drawing on this previous experience, Stellar was formed in 2007 with the aim of providing advisers with the tools to help their clients mitigate inheritance tax. Today, we remain an independent firm which is wholly owned by its directors and staff – more committed to supporting advisers than ever before.

Our Philosophy

At Stellar, it’s simple – we put our clients first.

We work with advisers to deliver a range of services, which help their clients to retain ownership, control and access to their capital during their lifetime – as well as offer the potential for uncapped investment returns, and the reassurance that their legacy can be passed to their beneficiaries free from inheritance tax.

In the same way as a lighthouse, which has since formed the foundation of our branding, we steer the way forward when navigating through the complex world of inheritance tax. The light that we are able to shine on the inheritance tax landscape creates a clear pathway for advisers, to help them achieve their client’s required outcomes – and support them along their client’s journey.

What We Do

Our mission statement is a declaration of what we do every day. It defines how we work, and every team member contributes in some shape or form to making this goal a reality.

We offer a wide range of services, spread across a number of qualifying business activities, to support investors in search of relief from inheritance tax. These services are underpinned by Business Relief (BR), a longstanding government legislation which delivers 100% relief from inheritance tax after two years.

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The business activities in which we invest are tailored to suit different objectives, and include Commercial Forestry, Hotels, Bridging Finance and Commercial and Residential Property Development – as well as AiM portfolio services, which are also available via an Individual Savings Account (ISA).

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We are focused on services for inheritance tax mitigation, and our clients include individuals, trustees, business owners and those with Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Our Inheritance Tax Services are designed to create the right balance of flexibility and control, so we can provide advisers with total confidence and reassurance, today and in the future.

To further support advisers and inform their investment strategies, our award-winning Partner programme provides a central hub of knowledge and expertise to expand the portfolio of services available to advisers.

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Why We Are Different


Our qualifying business activities are diversified across a range of sectors.


Our core focus is wealth preservation.


We pride ourselves on being transparent and we fully disclose all of our fees.


We offer a wide range of services which provide relief from inheritance tax.


We thoroughly research each investment opportunity.


Our team has over 20 years’ experience specialising in inheritance tax.