Our directors have been at the forefront of tax-efficient UK investment since the early 1990s, when they established the tax and property division of a major independent merchant bank.  Over the next decade this company became one of the leading investment houses in the market, with assets under management of some £3.5 billion at its peak.

Drawing on this previous experience, Stellar was formed in 2007, with the aim of helping investors to mitigate inheritance tax. Today it remains an independent firm, which is wholly owned by its directors and staff.

What we do
We offer a wide range of asset-backed Inheritance Tax Services which provide investors with relief from inheritance tax through a range of qualifying business sectors – while ensuring that they continue to own, and have access to, their capital. These services are underpinned by Business Relief (BR), a longstanding government legislation which provides investors with 100% relief from inheritance tax after two years.

The business activities in which we invest are tailored to suit different objectives, and include forests, farms, renewable energy, hotels, bridging finance, and commercial and residential development – as well as AiM portfolio services, which are also available via an Individual Savings Account (ISA).

We are focused solely on estate and succession planning, and our clients include individuals, trustees, business owners and those with Lasting Powers of Attorney. Our Inheritance Tax Services are designed to create the right balance of flexibility and control – providing these investors with confidence and peace of mind, today and in the future.

Why we are different

We take the responsibility of looking after our investors’ legacies very seriously. This means thoroughly researching our investments, and employing professional legal and taxation advisers – to ensure our Inheritance Tax Services are compliant with all current legislation.

Our investments are diversified across a range of asset classes, to protect against market risk – and within each service, we then diversify by geography and type of security.

We pride ourselves on being totally transparent, starting with full disclosure of all fees. We also provide a clear investment strategy, and regular reports on how each investor’s portfolio is performing.

Across all of our Inheritance Tax Services, our fundamental commitment is capital preservation. We then seek to achieve cautious medium-term growth, which can be distributed or reinvested to suit each investor’s requirements.