A ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Planning Opportunity

Over the coming decades, the UK will experience the largest-ever transfer of wealth – with members of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation transferring their estates to their children. An estimated £1.2 trillion is expected to pass down from members of this generation to their beneficiaries in the next 5 to 10 years alone – and between now and 2050, this number will rise to a staggering £5.5 trillion.

In light of this new window of opportunity, financial advisers can anticipate a significant return, as the demand for support surrounding the subject of estate planning and tax efficiency continues to accelerate – encouraging advisers to reach out to clients and discuss how to prepare against the risks of inheritance tax, as well as protect their legacy for future generations.

Key Facts

Over a million adults receive an inheritance in any given year.

Total intergenerational wealth transfers rose from £49bn to £59bn between 2012 and 2014.

Household net worth rose from £2.8 trillion to £10.2 trillion between 1995 and 2015.

Over 70% of household wealth in the UK is held by the over 50s.

The over 65s are set to push up the average value of inheritances from £62,000 to £91,000 between now and 2030.

Property is expected to account for over 70% of the wealth transferred over the coming years.

Who Are the Inheritance Generation?

The Inheritance Generation are the recipients or benefactors of their relatives’ wealth, which is expected to cascade down to them over the next 30 years. The demographic cohorts expected to benefit most are known as Generation X (born between 1964 and 1980) and the Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996).

This unprecedented inheritance boom will transcend from the Baby Boomer generation as they progress through old age. They are the UK citizens who have benefited most from the huge increase in house prices, which has led to a higher concentration of wealth within this demographic.

Total Inter-Generational Transfers Taking Place in the UK

YearEstimated annual inter-generational transfers
2014£69 billion
2022£95 billion
2034£150 billion
2038£225 billion
2047£355 billion

Now’s Your Chance to Maximise the Biggest Opportunity in Financial Services

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How We Can Help

Stellar Asset Management offers a wide range of Inheritance Tax Services which invest exclusively in business activities that qualify for Business Relief (BR) – to provide full relief from inheritance tax after just two years.

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Recommending one of our BR-qualifying services is one of the most effective ways of taking a proactive approach in the Inheritance Economy.

Our asset-backed Inheritance Tax Services

Stellar ITS

A discretionary managed service designed for investors who wish to leave a legacy that is free from Inheritance Tax.

Stellar Growth IHT Service

This service offers access to a portfolio of asset-backed business activities through creation of a privately owned limited company for each beneficiary.

Stellar Business IHT Service

Business owners can access succession planning solutions either following a company sale, or as a means to invest excess company capital and maintain tax efficiency.

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