Investing in renewable energy can provide a stable and predictable income, underpinned by the subsidies available from the Government for up to 25 years. The income is index-linked and protection is afforded by the ownership of the equipment, such as solar panels or wind turbines.

Government subsidies form a major part of the return generated from renewable energy installations, which safeguards income and offers a high level of security. In addition to the government subsidy, renewable energy also generates an income from the sale of electricity to utility companies.

Our UK-based renewable energy assets include wind facilities, which are located in the North West, and solar facilities which are mostly hosted in the West Country on household and commercial rooftops.


Our strategy is to acquire a portfolio of renewable assets in the UK. These assets include either solar panels or wind turbines – as well as long leasehold titles to land or roof space, with full rights to access.

We take advantage of The Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) and Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs), which are government subsidies introduced to help the UK meet its goal of 15% renewable energy by 2020.

They provide renewable energy companies with a pre-defined and index-linked price for electricity generation. The current rate of Government subsidies continues to make solar viable for long term investment.


The assets are owned by renewable partnerships and in the case of residential rooftops, the space used by the panels is under a long lease with full rights to access. This arrangement is agreed with all owners’ mortgage companies, where relevant, and all panels are fully insured and under maintenance contracts. The wind turbines are fully maintained and insured, and are owned by the partnerships – which lease the land from local landowners.

Meet Our Investment Managers

Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan’s business experience over 25 years includes: Director of Products and Services at 3 Mobile, senior roles at NTL (now Virgin Media) – including directing the development and launch of one of the world’s first commercial interactive TV services -, and as CEO of a manufacturing business.

Jonathan has also worked as a strategy consultant for clients including Shell, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and BAE Systems, and for private equity firms assessing the commercial viability of multi-billion pound acquisitions.

He founded specialist renewable energy business Green Nation early in 2011, and has led it through the development and in-life management of hundreds of rooftop solar PV installations and solar farms. Green Nation is based in Somerset, and works across the UK – and now internationally – to make solar electricity work for energy users and investors. Jonathan also has a degree and PhD from Cambridge University.

Mike Tracey

Mike is the Managing Director at Cannock and has an extensive and varied background in the UK property development, investment and serviced occupation sectors – as well as the UK energy market. He is skilled in all aspects of the development and financing process, with particular focus on tax and private finance structures.


He is also a chartered surveyor and real estate professional, who graduated from Bristol Polytechnic (now University of the West of England).

Renewable Energy is accessible through the following services:

Stellar Business IHT Service

A discretionary managed service which provides numerous succession planning and tax efficiency options for business owners – either following the sale of a company, or to invest excess company capital to maintain tax efficiency.

Stellar Growth IHT Service

This discretionary managed service involves the creation of a privately owned limited company for each investor, to access a portfolio of asset-backed Investment Sectors – targeting 5% growth per annum.