Why we have removed initial fees

We have taken the decision to remove initial fees from many of our services.

As a business, our vision is to provide advisers and their clients truly transparent estate planning services.

We believe that investments in the unlisted world should seek to operate much closer to our listed peers.

We feel that this change is inevitable and we are proud to take the lead. For too long investors in this area have suffered from higher charges than listed funds and without the benefit of any performance.

All our services offer clear and fair charges to deliver an outcome for investors with the following attributes:

  • Uncapped upside
  • The most diverse range of qualifying business activities
  • Full control over their investments
  • Good risk-adjusted returns

Which services no longer require initial fees?

Stellar ITS | For individuals
Minimum investment – £25,000

A discretionary managed service designed for investors who wish to leave a legacy that is free from inheritance tax.

Stellar AiM IHT Service | Using the alternative investment market
Minimum investment – ISA £20,000 | GIA £40,000

Accessible on many of the UK’s largest wrap platforms, this service seeks to mitigate risk through a diversified selection of between 25 and 40 AiM stocks.

Stellar Growth IHT Service | Using private trading companies
Minimum investment – £250,000

Through the creation of privately owned companies, clients can access a range of qualifying business activities that offer security and diversification whilst also seeking capital growth.

Please note, the removal of initial fees does not apply to non-advised clients.

How to benefit from the removal of initial fees

If you or your clients want to know more about the wide range of innovative estate planning solutions available using business relief, please contact a member of the team at enquiries@stellar-am.com or call 020 3195 3500.


Important Information

Stellar Asset Management Limited does not offer investment or tax advice or make recommendations regarding investments. Prospective investors should ensure that they read the brochure and fully understand the risk factors before making any investment decision.

The value of investments and the income from them may fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. No assurance or guarantee is given that any targeted returns will be achieved. Forecasts of potential future results are not a reliable indicator of actual future results. Stellar Asset Management Limited, 20 Chapel Street, Liverpool, L3 9AG is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.