The reassurance of long-term planning

maximise isa tax efficiency

Long-term planning should not be impacted by short-term market movements.

As we begin to emerge from lockdown, your clients can rest assured knowing your advice can provide invaluable support when they need it most.

When it comes to successful Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning, a long-term investment approach is a secure and viable way of receiving back expected investment returns.

Therefore, working with businesses that have a proven track recorded in demonstrating successful returns through long-term planning can help mitigate risk and exposure to high market volatility.

With social and economic events impacting many traditional investment options, it makes sense to consider asset-backed investments that provide a personalised approach for each investor.

Having a personal trading company for your clients

One way to access asset-backed investing for your client is to set up a personal trading company. This is almost exclusively available through the Stellar Growth Inheritance Tax Service, as there are few options as carefully constructed as ours out there in the Business Relief (BR) landscape.

Pioneered by our directors nearly 30 years ago and refined for today’s discerning clients, the structure is designed with long-term financial planning at the heart.

How a personal trading company sets us apart

What makes the service unique in the market is that investments made through our service are eligible for BR after just two years but are structured in a way to keep the investor in control of their capital.

In addition, the Stellar Growth Inheritance Tax Service offers each client:

  • A bespoke, tailored approach to investing, as opposed to a standard, one-size-fits-all method used by most of the market
  • The opportunity to invest in new as well as existing asset-backed activities
  • Greater control and access to capital, as the investment is made in the client’s name – they become the
    sole shareholder of their own personal trading company
  • Tangible assets that offer high levels of security. Most assets are largely unaffected by the recent epidemic, like our farms and forests

To find out just how simple the structure is and how it could work for your clients, visit our Stellar Growth IHT Service homepage, or get in touch with a member of our team today on 020 3907 6984.