Stellar Fundraising 2016

We are taking part in Tough Mudder on 30th April this year, in aid of two important organisations which have had a significant impact on the lives of some of the members of our team, The Royal Marsden Hospital and London’s Air Ambulance Service.


The Royal Marsden is a world-leading cancer centre that pioneers new treatments to save lives. Their research provides the very best in diagnosis, treatment and care for their patients. Their pioneering work costs money and we are supporting The Royal Marsden to invest in a future beyond cancer for you and for everyone you know.


The London Air Ambulance team works alongside the London Ambulance Service to provide rapid, effective treatment as soon as possible after injury. The first hour immediately following a serious injury is critical and, in an urban environment like London, the average trauma patient will spend most of this hour outside the hospital. The London Air Ambulance seeks to remedy this and provide rapid assistance.

Tough Mudder is a gruelling challenge designed to push its participants to their limits and we are taking on the challenge to raise money for these crucial charities which save lives.

If you haven’t heard of Tough Mudder before it is a team-orientated military style obstacle course, consisting of a 12 mile run with over 20 obstacles ranging from ice pools to fire rings, liquid mud to electroshocks.

We would greatly appreciate any donations, large or small, for these fantastic causes.

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