Stellar Asset Management halves AMC on wrap platforms

We have halved our annual management fee to just 0.75% on wrap platforms

Why are people choosing to invest in AiM?

The demand for AiM IHT Portfolios has increased significantly in the last few years and this follows the increase in demand for alternative investments in general. This has been driven by financial advisers searching for areas where they can really demonstrate added value for their clients. Tax-efficient investments in particular are seen as an area where investors need professional help, and smaller company investing has been making headlines thanks to the popularity of the EIS, SEIS and VCT schemes and online equity crowdfunding.

AiM IHT Portfolios present an ideal planning opportunity as many companies listed on AiM qualify for Business Relief (formerly Business Property Relief) a longstanding piece of legislation introduced in 1976. Significantly, Business Relief provides full inheritance tax relief after two years (five years faster than a trust or gift), meaning that any money invested in qualifying AiM listed companies can be passed on free from inheritance tax.

In 2013 a piece of legislation was introduced that allows AiM shares to be held in an ISA, creating a wholly tax-efficient investment free from income tax, capital gains tax, and after two years, inheritance tax. This has further increased demand for professionally managed AiM portfolios.


Stellar ESP AiM Portfolio Service

  • Invests in a diversified portfolio of 40 AiM listed companies
  • Offers full inheritance tax relief after two years
  • Impressive performance with growth of 9% so far this year, 60% over 3 years and 131% over 5 years
  • Available in an ISA
  • Widest availability on wrap platforms
  • Lowest fees on wrap platforms


Which platforms is ESP AiM available on?


ESP AiM Fees

  • From 1 August 2017 the annual management fee will halve to just 0.75% p.a.
  • This compares very favourably with other AiM IHT Portfolios on platform with annual management fees ranging from 1-1.5% p.a.
  • Annual management fee for non-platform users remains at 1.5%


Glen Sweet, Head of Sales at Transact, commented:

Here at Transact we’re always delighted to hear that asset managers and discretionary managers strive as hard as we do, to make the overall cost of investing lower – this can only be a good thing for clients and their long term financial objectives.

Jonathan Gain, Chief Executive at Stellar, commented:

‘We always seek to offer the most competitive terms for our clients and I am pleased that we have created a way this can be achieved with our platform partners. We can now pass the cost savings to our customers and therefore we expect more happy clients to take advantage of our AiM portfolios which is the most diversified in the market, the only comprehensively insured offer and now the most keenly priced.’


Learn more about our ESP AiM Portfolio Service and availability on wrap platforms.