Stellar announces sale of wind farm portfolio

We are pleased to announce that the sale of our wind farms held in the Stellar Wind Energy EIS Fund completed in December 2022.

The successful disposal of all holdings from this EIS Fund has enabled all investors to almost double their money.

This sale has resulted in a total return for all investors well above our target set out in the original subscription documents in 2015. An investor can expect to receive £1.62* for every £1 invested, which is before the benefit of EIS income tax relief which generated a further 30p for every £1 invested.

We are proud of another successful exit for our investors. This is testament to the work of our team and our specialist partners, who, together have made this investment a profitable one for all.

We are finalising the completion accounts and will be able to distribute the majority of funds in the coming weeks.

Jonathan Gain, Chief Executive of Stellar commented “We raised these monies in 2014/15 as the window closed on renewable energy installations for EIS investors. We were able to execute our business plan and sought life extensions for the farms during a period of uncertainty in the market arising from the government’s preference for offshore wind sites. Therefore, we are delighted with the returns generated for investors and is one of the best performing EIS renewable exits seen in this market.

We look forward to investors taking advantage of the services we have available to further defer taxes through well-constructed EIS and IHT portfolios.”

For more information on our historic performance, please contact one of our team today on 020 3195 3500 or contact

* For advised investors only – non-advised investors agreed to different charges on subscription.


Important Information

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