Stellar adds another forest to its BR portfolio

Stellar acquires new forest

Stellar has gone back to its roots by successfully acquiring a new forest on behalf of its ESP Growth Portfolio investors; capitalising on the resilience of the UK forestry sector.

Covering over 197 hectares, Panmure Forest is situated close to Carnoustie, Scotland and is approximately ten miles from Dundee city centre.

Formerly part of one of the great British estates, this highly productive agricultural land has a rich and interesting history that only adds to its pedigree. It was originally owned by the Maules family; a 12th century Norman family for 20 generations, until the 18th century when the estate was broken up and sold off.

Panmure’s most significant advantage is its ability to generate immediate income from timber harvesting as well as benefitting from capital appreciation of the asset.

The property is well-drained, very fertile and has an excellent internal road network, which can be observed from our 360-degree drone view.

Click here for a drone view of Panmure Forest

Why Scottish forests?

In March 2019, the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Report emphasised the government’s strategy to commit to increasing investment in timber transport projects across Scotland and would have ‘positive effects over all of the environmental topics’.

The positive repercussions of Scotland’s strategy for the sustainable management of forestry have been evident in the second quarter of 2019. In June 2019, it was announced that, for the first time in almost 20 years, the number of hectares of new woodland planted in Scotland exceeded 10,000. With 11,200 hectares planted, this marked an increase of 7,100 hectares since last year.

These developments in Scotland puts us in a robust position to capitalise on this upward trend.

Our ESP Growth Service funded 100% of the acquisition which will be managed by Forestry Investment Consultancy.

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