New Residential Development for ESP Growth Investors

ESP Growth Portfolio Service has completed a £3.5 million transaction to develop a residential development in Great Oakley, Essex.

The new partnership will develop 17 dwellings in the village of Great Oakley.:

  • eight 3-bedroom semi-detached houses;
  • three 4-bedroom detached houses; and
  • six 3-bedroom detached bungalows.

The site will be cleared over the next three months with development starting thereafter and running for 9 months.

Great Oakley is a small village in the Tendering district of Essex and benefits from ‘good’ rated primary school and local amenities.

This development will help fill the gap in the demand for bungalows in the area, as well as providing high-quality affordable housing for families.

Our ESP Growth investors have provided 95% LTC and will benefit from a priority return and a share of the profits upon the sale of all units.

Our structure provides developers with the capital they require whilst providing security to our investors in the form of land ownership.

The deal was brought to us by Aureum Finance.