Updates to our application process

Updates to our application process

If you have any questions regarding deadlines for Tax Year End, please call us on 020 3195 3500 and one of our Business Development team will be happy to help.

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Asset-backed investors: update on the application process/span>


New Subscriptions: updates to our application process

For new subscriptions to Stellar Income Inheritance Tax Service, Stellar Growth Inheritance Tax Service and Stellar Business Service

Key points:

■     Until further notice we will only be accepting scanned applications

■     Please email applications to applications@woodsidesecretaries.co.uk, copying in both enquiries@stellar-am.com and the client

■     Please do not post anything to either Woodside directly or Stellar’s Registered Office:

Stellar Asset Management Limited
20 Chapel Street
L3 9AG

Application Update

On Monday 23 March, in an effort to contain and manage COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, the British government announced restrictions limiting movement of people in order to tackle the spread of Coronavirus have been announced by the prime minister.

As such, Woodside Corporate Services Limited, our custodian for Stellar Income, Stellar Growth and Stellar Business, will be adhering to the government requirements and public health advisories and their offices will be closed for at least 3 weeks and until a further update from the government.

This was a development that was fully expected and one that we would like to reassure you we are well-prepared for.

Full details

  1. Application forms are completed and signed by investors and their advisers in counterparty with a full set being sent by email to applications@woodsidesecretaries.co.uk and [the fund manager or our client] by either the investor or adviser copying in the other.
  2. If forms cannot be printed, signed and scanned we are willing to accept:   Digitally completed application forms that are sent unsigned from both the investor’s and adviser’s known email account to applications@woodsidesecretaries.co.uk with the following wording : “I confirm that I sign the attached document’s [adviser/investor etc] declaration electronically.    Forms that have been completed digitally by investors and advisers are collated by you and then sent whole by you as manager to the investor and adviser using a digital signature solution such as Adobe sign or Docusign, with the completed document being sent by you to applications@woodsidesecretaries.co.uk.

In the unlikely case that you still require Royal Mail or couriers to deliver mail and packages, please contact a member of our client services team directly at enquiries@stellar-am.com to establish the best place to deliver these.


  1. Wednesday 1st April: All applications and cleared funds must be received at Woodside Corporate Services Ltd by 2pm.
  2. Thursday 2nd April: Final payment instructions, including all relevant minutes/documents etc. must be received by 2pm. This will allow us to process payments on the afternoon of Thursday 2nd, leaving Friday 3rd as a buffer to rectify any issues/action any last minute payments.

Stellar AiM ISA investors important deadlines for your diary


Stellar AiM ISA Inheritance Tax Service: Important deadlines

If you are speaking to clients about making the most of their annual ISA allowance, then please note the following deadlines.

Stellar AiM Inheritance Tax Service (made direct to Stellar)

■     Friday, 27th March 2020: Bed & ISA investment deadline

    Tuesday, 31st March 2020: Deadline for all new ISA applications

■     Friday, 3rd April 2020 (by 10AM): ISA subscription & ISA top up deadline

Stellar AiM Inheritance Tax Service (made on Standard Life Wrap)

■       Thursday, 26th March 2020: Deadline for all BACS payments

■       Thursday, 2nd April 2020: Deadline for all CHAPS payments

■       Friday, 3rd April 2020: All cheques to be cleared by this deadline

■       Sunday, 5th April 2020: Deadline for all payments made via direct debit

Stellar AiM Inheritance Tax Service (made on Transact)

■       Friday, 3rd April 2020: Bed & ISA investment deadline

■       Friday, 3rd April 2020: Deadline for all payments made via bank transfer

■       Sunday, 5th April 2020: Cash investment deadline for money already on Transact

**Given the recent COVID-19 outbreak, scanned copies of applications are to be accepted during this period only, given they have been certified by a regulated person e.g. financial adviser.**