T.O.W.I.E. – The Only Way Is Equity: AiM Update

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About This Event

After a period of unprecedented monetary and fiscal support over the last 18 months, investors around the world have piled into equities during 2021, which has driven the market rebound.

AiM has generated significant returns, so join us to explore how we navigated this environment and continue to identify pockets of value. We will look at growing inflation risk and explore what measures we can take to mitigate such risk.

This webinar will be presented by our fund manager Stephen English. Stephen will share valuable insights from his role as Stellar’s in-house AiM Fund Manager.

Speaker Information

Stephen English
Investment Director

Stephen joined Stellar having previously worked at Blankstone Sington since 2002, where an early grounding on the dealing desk paved the way for a fascination with markets, how the ‘invisible hand’ of supply and demand could move prices and how efficient dealing can add value.

With a background in art (good drawer/awful painter) and an interest in psychology Stephen believes that small-cap investment is more art than science. An avid student of the market, he has authored his own 12-page investment philosophy which was well received by professional and retail readers alike. When it comes to the stockmarket, Stephen says ‘when you find the key, they change the lock’ which drives a zeal for continual improvement.

Never one for fads, increasingly he feels the Qualitative aspects of investment will be a key driver of alpha, where anything Quantitative and that can be automated will be. Quality investing to Stephen is as much, if not more so, about the management of a business, and he aligns the portfolios to founders who maintain the owners’ eye and have a superior problem solving ability over peers with no alignment of interest. A strong culture is vital; after all ‘character is destiny’. Stephen also likes an aphorism or two!

With a fast-growing reputation as an independent thinker, his musings are regularly featured in the press, including What Investment, Professional Advisor and MoneyWeek. Investment is one of the purest and most rewarding endeavours in Stephen’s opinion and he is a firm believer in giving back to an industry he is so passionate about. With an irreverent style yet with deep thoughtfulness and humility he has delivered two keynote presentations at the Mello private investor events providing the tools on how to better invest.

Stephen is a CFA Charterholder, a devoted Warrington Rugby League fan and a wide-ranging reader.