Betsy Butterick

Communication Specialist

The buzzword most often associated with high-performing teams is “chemistry”. Chemistry is formed through connection, and at the heart of connection is communication. Betsy understands that language is the most powerful tool we possess, and that elevating our communication skills gives us a competitive advantage in any arena.

As a former coach with experience in the collegiate and professional ranks, Betsy utilizes her unique background with individuals ready to improve and teams of all kinds – from the locker room to the boardroom. As a facilitator and educator, people are her passion.

In her role as “The Coaches’ Coach”, Betsy meets individuals where they are and supports the growth that they’re looking to make. As a Communication Specialist, Betsy helps organizations improve communication effectiveness while working collaboratively to create positive change at all leaves of the team.

Professional, playful, and with a talent for people-centric design, Betsy offers an experiential approach towards learning and development.