Andy Lee

Director, Ralstan Group

Andy Lee has over 35 years experience in the UK and offshore marketplace. He is based in Manchester but pre-covid, spent at least one day a week in London. 

His experience has been gained from working for 3 major banks, an International Insurance Company, and 2 tax and estate planning advisory businesses. 

Furthermore, he has worked alongside many substantial businesses including a Swiss Bank, UK and International Investment Houses and Insurance Companies, assisting clients on tax strategies. 

There is so much to keep abreast of in the global tax landscape. Andy’s expertise lies in assessing the constant changes present in the UK and International tax planning environment, whilst communicating these changes effectively and concisely.

As a sought after speaker, Andy is highly experienced in working with organisations including; 

  • The Law Society, 
  • Personal Finance Society, 
  • various IFA Networks, 
  • Fund Managers and 
  • Property Landlord organisations. 

Subsequently, 35 plus years of experience gives Andy a considerable insight into a client’s planning requirements reflecting the constantly changing landscape at home and abroad. 

Above all, working closely with Accountants, Solicitors and Financial Advisors, we can find the right solutions that suit the clients requirements.