Andy Agathangelou

Founder, Transparency Task Force

Andy Agathangelou will be delivering a Masterclass session at the Stellar Estate Planning Virtual Summit on ‘Why transparency, truthfulness and trustworthiness are highly profitable commercial virtues’.

Andy formed the Transparency Task Force after a meeting he led at Senate House, University of London on 6 May 2015. The meeting was about the need for the financial services industry to behave in a more trustworthy way and how harnessing the transformational power of transparency can drive the change that is needed.

The Transparency Task Force is the collaborative, campaigning community, dedicated to driving up the levels of transparency in financial services, right around the world.

Andy is also a Governor of the UK’s Pensions Policy Institute and he is the former Founder of Friends of Automatic Enrolment and Chair of the Friends of the Association of Member Nominated Trustees; an organisation he helped to create.