Our Inheritance Tax Services

Why wait seven years for Inheritance Tax relief using traditional trusts or gifts when you can retain control of your assets and achieve full relief in two years using our carefully constructed portfolios created specifically for this purpose?

Our Inheritance Tax portfolio services are designed to provide Inheritance Tax freedom for individuals and business owners and to create a legacy for the next generation.

Our Inheritance Tax services exclusively invest in business activities that qualify for Business Relief (BR) to provide full relief from Inheritance Tax after two years.


Inheritance Tax Service: Key features

  • AiM portfolio that can be held in a GIA or an ISA
  • asset-backed Income and Growth portfolio services
  • highly diversified
  • low, transparent fees
  • uncapped returns
  • wide investment platform availability

Wealth preservation is at the forefront of our Stellar ESP® investment philosophy. Whether capital is invested within an AiM portfolio, an ISA or one of our asset-backed portfolios, your clients can have the peace of mind that it is being invested to minimise investment risk.

A key benefit of our services is that investors keep control of and have access to their capital throughout their lifetime. After two years, their capital should qualify for Business Relief and therefore be free from Inheritance Tax.

Stellar ESP® our Philosophy

The Stellar ESP® philosophy is our integrated approach to Inheritance Tax and succession planning; to help families:

  • grow and protect their capital
  • keep control of and have access to their capital for the rest of their lives
  • protect their estate from IHT after two years
  • create and pass on a lasting legacy

This philosophy is the cornerstone of our approach to investment management. Our Inheritance Tax Services provide investors with the flexibility to tailor their investment choices and invest with confidence.

All our investment activities are UK-based and are designed to provide your clients with full relief from inheritance tax after two years. We are currently active in the following areas:

Unlisted securities

  • AiM quoted companies

Trading business activities

  • UK forestry
  • UK farming
  • hotel ownership and management
  • property development
  • bridging finance
  • care homes
  • automated vending

Our investment methodology is to work in partnership with experienced sector specialists in each of these areas to ensure that we can provide high calibre opportunities that not only that meet our investment mandate but can also deliver tangible returns for our investors.

Learn more about qualifying business activities.


Our Inheritance Tax Services

We offer a variety of discretionary managed portfolio services which focus on wealth preservation and seek to provide Inheritance Tax relief after two years.

Stellar AiM Portfolio Service
A discretionary managed portfolio that mitigates risk through a diversified selection of 40 AiM stocks and is available for advised clients on many of the UK’s largest wrap platforms.

Stellar AiM ISA Portfolio Service
Our AiM ISA allows advisers to maximise their clients’ inheritance tax relief through a simple transfer of ISA assets to a Stellar AiM ISA for both Business Relief qualification and all ISA tax benefits. This service is also available on various wrap platforms.

Stellar Income Portfolio Service
Asset-backed discretionary portfolio targeting a 4.5% natural income distributed bi-annually in the form of a dividend.

Stellar Growth Portfolio Service
Asset-backed investment through a privately-owned company for each client targeting 5% growth per annum. The structure of this service allows for various intergenerational wealth planning ideas.

Stellar Business Portfolio Service
A bespoke service for business owners that offers succession planning either following the sale of a company or investing excess company capital to maintain tax-efficiency.

Stellar Bespoke Portfolio Service
With £1m minimum investment, this is a bespoke service for high net worth or sophisticated investors and offers complete investment choice and flexibility.

What makes us different?

Choice of investment strategy

Wealth preservation

Highly diversified investments

Transparency is paramount

Bespoke to your specification

Leave a growing legacy