Explore the range of ways you can utilise Business Relief
to help your clients build diverse, sustainable legacies.

Additional client planning resources

We have a library of estate planning and Business Relief focused case studies and client planning scenarios, including:

  • Consolidating Portfolios or ISAs on a Platform.
  • Using the Additional Permitted Subscription (APS).
  • Bespoke arrangements, whether your clients want to leave a legacy without committing time to sourcing their own investments or want complete control of their portfolio.
  • Legacy planning for a trading business.
  • Combining Business Relief and Trusts for estate planning.
  • Using Inheritance Tax Services to establish a Discretionary Trust.
  • Reducing a Periodic Charge on a Discretionary Trust.

If you would like more information on any of these topics, please use the chat/support button to contact a member of our team.