Stellar Asset Management is an experienced IHT specialist that uses Business Relief to deliver robust and reliable IHT products and services to advisers and their clients.
About us

Inheritance tax

Our IHT products all utilise Business Relief and offer exemption from inheritance tax after just 2 years. They are based on current and longstanding legislation and therefore do not require disclosure under DOTAS.

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Our investment products enable private investors to participate in a variety of alternative investment sectors with the characteristics of low correlation to mainstream asset classes and a higher level of overall return.

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Retain the existing ISA benefits of no income tax and no capital gains tax and now obtain the benefit of full relief from Inheritance Tax making it one of the most efficient investment opportunities on the market today.

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Adviser zone

Your clients expect good service from you and we take exactly the same approach with you.  We want to support you in providing effective and efficient financial advice to your clients.

We specialise in tax efficient investments that take advantage of robust, longstanding legislation. Some of this may not be well known so we have developed a range of tools that can be of benefit to financial planners. More....