Stellar Asset Management specialises in the creation of Inheritance Tax planning services and other tax-efficient investment products.

Our estate planning services provide IHT exemption after two years whilst allowing clients to retain full control of their capital. These are usually designed as discretionary managed portfolios which use long-standing, mainstream legislation to provide tax efficient solutions for investors.

Inheritance Tax Services

Stellar Succession


Stellar Succession is a discretionary managed portfolio service that enables investors to obtain relief from inheritance tax (IHT) after two years.

Succession targets a 5% per annum return from a range of asset backed investments designed to preserve wealth.

It is available with our unique insurance policy.

Stellar Estate Planning Service


Stellar Estate Planning Service is a discretionary managed portfolio service that is designed to distribute an income of 4.5% per annum and protect capital from Inheritance Tax.

Stellar Estate Planning Service will commit capital to asset classes that qualify for Business Relief (formerly Business Property Relief) which should provide 100% relief from Inheritance Tax after two years.



Links to all our current Inheritance Tax Services documentation & supplementary information can be found here.

Please find links to our available Inheritance tax planning services on this page.

Stellar AiM IHT ISA


AIM IHT ISA is one of the most tax-efficient investment opportunities available on the market. It is free from income tax, capital gains tax and is Inheritance Tax free after just two years.

Available with our unique insurance policy to protect against market risk.

Stellar AiM IHT Portfolios


AIM IHT portfolio is a discretionary portfolio which offers 100% Inheritance Tax exemption after two years.

Available with our unique insurance policy.



Our IHT Services are unique as they offer an optional loss of value insurance policy, which protects from market risk and the impact of fees of charges.

Whilst there is no upper age limit, investors over 80 years old or in poorer health are required to complete a Health Questionnaire

Tax Planning Products

The Expatriate Pension Service


Expatriate Taxation Benefits
Our international pension product offers highly attractive taxation benefits for those who are working on temporary contracts overseas.

It is designed for employees or contractors who are domiciled in the UK but who are non-UK residents.

Please direct any enquiries to

EIS Opportunities


We are currently looking at a number of new opportunities.

Please get in touch if you are a business looking for funding or an investor seeking tax efficient investments.

Inheritance Tax & Investment Management

Our products and inheritance tax services are usually promoted through the advisers of individuals, families, companies and trustees.

Financial advisers have a number of options when it comes to inheritance tax planning and can choose from an AiM portfolio, available inside or outside an ISA wrapper, or from our asset backed IHT services which are either managed as a discretionary portfolio or bespoke to the investor.

To complement our inheritance tax services we manage other tax efficient products and services such as Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and offer asset backed investment opportunities designed with pension funds in mind.

We intend to have further product offerings in these areas later this year, so watch this space.