Estate and Succession Planning

It doesn’t matter whether clients have a very simple set of circumstances or whether their affairs are highly complex, creating a solid estate planning foundation for them and their beneficiaries can save thousands of pounds of unnecessary future taxation liabilities.

On death, the total value of assets forms the estate value.  Although many clients are aware that inheritance tax is levied on their estate above a certain value, fewer are aware of just how simple it can be to reduce or remove this liability altogether.

Most clients are familiar with gifts and trust planning to reduce their estate value and using insurance to protect against future liabilities. These traditional routes, while tried and tested, have some drawbacks which can act as a reason not to effect planning in the first place.

  • losing control of and access to their capital;
  • waiting for seven years before the inheritance tax liability is removed;
  • age or health restrictions; and
  • prohibitively high costs.

The Good News

Legislation introduced in the Finance Act 1976 called Business Relief (formerly Business Property Relief) can help to quickly remove a liability to inheritance tax easily without any of these drawbacks.

Providing 100% relief from inheritance tax after two years, Business Relief qualifying services have grown rapidly in popularity over recent years. They allow investors the freedom to retain control of their capital, to invest across a wide range of qualifying business activities and to create a tax-efficient legacy for their children.

At Stellar, we have extensive experience in this area and have a proven track record helping families to pass wealth effectively to their beneficiaries.

Our services focus on wealth preservation and comprise AiM and asset backed portfolios which provide choice, flexibility and diversification.

AiM Portfolio Service

  • Discretionary management
  • Highly diversified
  • Low concentration risk
  • Available on wrap platforms
  • Available for GIA, ISA, APS and transfers
  • Low, transparent fees

Asset-Backed Portfolio Services

  • Discretionary management
  • Choice of growth or income
  • Wide sector diversification
  • Tangible investments
  • Flexibility to tailor your portfolio
  • Low, transparent fees

What makes us different?

Choice of investment strategy

Wealth preservation

Highly diversified investments

Transparency is paramount

Bespoke to your specification

Leave a growing legacy