Property Portfolio Planning / Incorporation

With the recent changes over the years to how properties held personally are taxed, the attraction of incorporating a property portfolio into a company has never been more attractive.

However, there are many pitfalls that can catch out the unwary and result in unexpected tax consequences – both immediately and later in time, if the incorporation is not done correctly.

Our Partner can consider the business’ current position and advise on whether an incorporation is a good idea – and how best to structure the business, to ensure all tax reliefs are obtained.

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An Overview of Property Portfolio Planning / Incorporation

Our service aspires to help business owners navigate the landscape of property portfolio planning – and deliver the most tax-efficient structure possible.

How It Works

Our Partner starts by reviewing the business’ current framework, and working out the most efficient route of property portfolio planning.

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Supporting Advisers

We work with carefully selected partner organisations to provide a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to estate planning. To strengthen and develop the estate planning element of a business, view our other Partner Services.

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