Tax Disputes & Investigations

Any correspondence received from HMRC, advising that they intend to look into tax affairs, can be a very stressful experience.  With a wealth of information now available at their disposal from both UK and overseas sources, HMRC’s compliance activities are reaching more people than ever before.

Our Partner understands the pressures this causes, and can assist by liaising between their client and HMRC to understand the position – providing advice and representation to bring the enquiry to a conclusion as quickly as possible, whilst simultaneously achieving the best possible outcome.

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An Overview of Tax Disputes & Investigations

Curated from years of experience, our service is designed to deliver invaluable tax litigation advice – in order to resolve all disputes and investigations with the interests of our clients at heart.

How It Works

Our Partner is experienced in dealing with HMRC at all levels – from basic checks into tax returns, up to alleged fraud investigations issued under Code of Practise 8 and 9 – determining a solution at the earliest stage of opportunity.

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