Effectively Managing Inherited Properties

Property is generally the single largest asset within the whole estate. It therefore makes good sense to seek the best advice and avoid the common pitfalls that many people run into when dealing with such matters.

Too many probate properties are sold at a price that is considerably below their full potential sale value. These houses are generally snapped up by developers and investors who will in turn renovate, resell and achieve a tidy profit. This is unfair on the beneficiaries and it is unlikely to be what the deceased intended when they planned their estate and bequeathed their home to loved ones as a legacy.

Inheriting a property can be overwhelming and emotional; there seems to be an endless list of things to take care of. Our specialist partner can take you from where you are now, through to the final completion of sale, taking care of all the steps along the way.

Many probate properties need some restoration or modernisation. Our specialist partner’s property report will include recommendations on improvements fully supported by estate agent valuations and comparable evidence. They will then carefully plan, manage and carry out agreed works. The full cost of the renovation is covered by our specialist partner until completion of sale.

Our specialist partner’s team manages the sales process, which in turn leads to faster sales times, higher sales prices and less stress for clients. Planned inheritance is therefore rightfully going to beneficiaries, rather than to property investors and developers.

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How It Works

Our specialist partner provides probate property services throughout the UK to help Personal Representatives organise the sale of probate properties so that they can achieve the highest price from their sale.

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Supporting Advisers

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