Taking Care of Estate Administration

Starting a conversation at an early stage about tax-efficient legacy planning, including choosing beneficiaries and appointing executors, can help to normalise this area of financial planning, and provide reassurance for clients. It also allows advisers to clearly identify the important relationships in in their clients’ lives, and ensure that their planning needs are taken into account.

Our specialist partner provides advice in the often-overlooked area of Estate Administration – working alongside advisers to support their clients’ financial planning goals.

This partnership enables our advisers to draw upon specialist expertise, providing investors with peace of mind that their inheritance is being administered by experts.

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An Overview of Estate Administration

The term ‘probate’ has become commonly associated with the handling of someone’s estate – but this is just one component of the entire process. In fact, whilst every death requires Estate Administration, only about half of all estates require probate. Estate Administration is the process of sorting out someone’s legal and tax affairs – so everything from bank accounts, belongings and property, to debts, pensions and inheritance tax.

Estate Administration Services

Valuing assets and paying debts

Everyone accumulates assets and debts over their lifetime. As part of the Estate Administration process, everything has to be dealt with. Our partner will allocate a personal estate manager who will handle everything – liaising with advisers and their clients, to provide complete peace of mind.

Legal and tax

From applying for the Grant of Probate (Confirmation in Scotland) to dealing with inheritance tax, the Estate Administration process involves a significant amount of legal and tax work. Our partner’s team of experts manages all of this work on the client’s behalf – quickly and efficiently.

Dealing with property

The family home can be the most valuable part of an estate – financially and emotionally. Our partner can offer a property sale service which helps the client to achieve the best price, as quickly as possible. A personal estate manager handles everything, from liaising with estate agents to dealing with buyers – keeping advisers and their clients updated throughout the process.

All the paperwork

A personal estate manager will deal with all of the paperwork and make the necessary calls, so advisers and their clients do not have to. This includes dealing with HMRC, liaising with utility providers, resolving pension enquiries and more – all tasks which otherwise create an additional burden at a difficult time.

Paying inheritance quickly

It’s important to deal with the estate and distribute the assets efficiently. Our partner aims to make initial payments to beneficiaries quickly, and at regular intervals – so family members will receive their entitlement as soon as possible.

How It Works

The unique service means that advisers and their clients can leave the challenging tasks involved with Estate Administration to a professional – for a fixed price.

Estate administrators will handle the valuation of the estate, payment of debts and all the things that may not even be considered – giving clients the time and space to reflect, remember and move on. Meanwhile, specialist teams can resolve complex issues such as locating missing beneficiaries, verifying family trees and overseas asset transfer if required – all as part of the administration of the estate.

Commission is available to authorised intermediaries.

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Supporting Advisers

We work with carefully selected partner organisations to provide advisers with a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to estate planning. To strengthen and develop the estate planning element of a business, view our other Partner Services.

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