Estate Administration Services

Starting a conversation at an early stage in a client’s life about tax-efficient legacy planning, including choosing beneficiaries and appointing executors, can help to normalise this area of financial planning and provide reassurance to your clients.

It also allows you to clearly identify the important relationships in your client’s life and ensure that their planning needs are taken into account.

That’s why we have chosen to work with Kings Court Trust to provide support in the often overlooked area of Estate Administration.

Kings Court Trust supports your financial planning goals by working with you to ensure that the client’s intergenerational planning is carried out as specified.

By working with a specialist Estate Administration firm, you are able to focus on your day job and provide your clients’ beneficiaries with peace of mind that their inheritance is being administered by experts.

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What is estate administration?

Probate has become the term commonly associated with handling an individual’s estate after they’ve died but it is just one component of administering an estate. In fact, whilst every death requires estate administration only about half of all estates require probate. Estate administration is the process of sorting out a deceased person’s legal and tax affairs. Everything from bank accounts, belongings and property to debts, pensions and Inheritance Tax.

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Relax, you’re in safe hands

Kings Court Trust is one of the UK’s largest specialist estate administration providers and their sole purpose is to help families move on after the loss of a loved one.

Since they were founded in 2002, they’ve supported and helped families on over 35,000 estates either by taking care of the entire estate administration process or offering their specialist services on complex cases.

With their unrivalled knowledge of estate administration, their legal and tax teams can advise on any situation and offer an exceptional service.

Kings Court Trust's service includes

Valuing assets & paying debts

Legal and tax

Dealing with property

All the paperwork

Paying inheritance quickly

Let Kings Court Trust deal with the complex

Their unique service means your clients can leave the challenging tasks involved with estate administration to them – all for a fixed price for their services.

They will handle everything you can think of, including the valuation of the estate, payment of debts etc (and all the things you might not have considered) giving your client the time and space to reflect, remember and move on. They also have specialist teams who can resolve complex issues such as locating missing beneficiaries, verifying family trees and overseas asset transfer if required as part of the administration of the estate.

Kings Court Trust’s fixed price

Kings Court Trust are completely transparent with their simple pricing structure. They will tell you and your client the fee to administer the estate upfront, giving the family time to carefully consider the services and compare them with other suppliers. Their charges are simply calculated based on what they perceive to be the level of work required to fully administer the estate based on their considerable experience, and they never calculate costs based on a percentage value of the estate.

Customer Stories

Read about the estate of Mr Thomas, which highlights how by working in partnership with Kings Court Trust your clients can benefit from our transparent fixed fee service and how you as an advisor can retain funds whilst attracting new clients. Read more

At Kings Court Trust, we only do one thing: estate administration.

Our sole purpose is to help families move on so we will do everything in our power to support those who entrust us to take care of their estate administration. We understand that every estate and family is different so we go the extra mile to take care of absolutely everything involved.

Estate administration is all we do, every day, and our tax and legal teams can advise on any situation. Whether or not there is a Will, our team of experts can take care of it all. We know how to handle intestacy, locate missing beneficiaries, deal with foreign shares and reseal a Grant of Probate.

You’ll find we’ve got everything in place to take care of your specific needs and we make sure we understand your situation so we know what matters to you. That’s why 9/10 of our customers recommend us.