Adapting Our Solutions to the Specific Demands of a Client

If an investor has ties to both the UK and US, or plans to move from the US to the UK or vice versa, there are several tax and estate planning considerations to take into account. Coordinated advice with US and UK advisers should be taken well in advance of implementing Will or trust structures.

A trusted adviser can provide particular value to US citizens by identifying legal and wealth planning issues which are particular to their circumstances, while providing solutions in an informed and sensitive way.

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An Overview of US Citizen Services

There are three main objectives when considering UK-US estate planning – making full use of available exemptions and reliefs, deferring inheritance tax until the survivor’s death (for couples), and ensuring estate planning structures are in line with the investor’s expectations of privacy.

How It Works

Our specialist team works closely with family members to formulate and deliver a holistic plan, ensuring that all aspects of residency, domicility and taxation have been considered.

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Supporting Advisers

We work with carefully selected partner organisations to provide a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to estate planning. To strengthen and develop the estate planning element of a business, view our other Partner Services.

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