Lending and Financial Consultancy

Our Lending Consultant offers a tailored and holistic service to assist businesses and families with all their borrowing requirements. From raising finance to support growth or asset acquisition, refinancing existing debt facilities, realising value by releasing equity tied up in assets or restructuring debt in situations involving financial stress.

They specialise in all aspects of property and business finance, including;

  • Property Development and Refurbishment
  • Bridging
  • Developer Exit
  • Property Investment
  • Buy-to-Let
  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Working Capital
  • Asset & Vehicle Finance
  • Factoring & Invoice Discounting
  • Corporate Finance

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Refinance Frustrations

Our client with a large investment property portfolio was looking for a £3m refinance to release capital for further investment. His bank were taking an extremely long time to assess his needs, with numerous visits and information requests but an apparent inability to secure credit approval. This was incredibly frustrating for the client who really wanted to push ahead with his business.

We picked up the issue for the client, quickly gained a full understanding of his portfolio and requirements and produced a deal paper for potential lenders. Through our contacts, we were able to obtain a swift credit approval and by managing all elements of the process on the client’s behalf, ensure that a smooth transaction moved speedily to drawdown. Given our vast experience, our ability to put ourselves in the lender’s shoes in terms of deal presentation and information requirements, was key to securing the client’s funding and the ability to get on with building his business.

Bridging Loan Requirement

We assisted a property developer client with the refinance of a £1m bridging loan that had originally been agreed to enable a property purchase. Subsequently, the client had gained planning permission for 7 executive homes, but rather than build them out, had decided to sell off the land.

The existing lender, having extended their loan twice, wanted repayment so we pursued our contacts to gain a selection of offers that best suited the client and the timescales they were working to for the property sale.

How It Works

Our lending and financial Consultancy offer great benefits for financial advisers and their clients, giving advisers the opportunity to:

  • Enhance their service proposition
  • Increase client retention
  • Segment their client base
  • Provide value-added services
  • Be more competitive

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Supporting Advisers

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