A Simple Concept for a Demanding Lifestyle

As life becomes fuller and more demanding, so too does the torrent of life administration.

From the mundane everyday tasks like booking appointments and managing life logistics, to the more important responsibilities such as mortgage renewals, insurances or Will writing, the life admin to-do list is never ending.  And, when juggling the pressures of a busy career and home life, its relentlessness can be exhausting.

A New “App” Based Service

The Lifefyle app helps to lighten the mental workload by making it easy to capture and store all of life’s tasks, to-do’s and documents – in one convenient place. Simply upload and task anything that comes in, then forget all about it – safe in the knowledge that we will issue a reminder when needed.

Staying in control of life is easy with the app, providing an at-a-glance view of all family life admin – with potential to simply snap, upload and store all documents and papers, assign tasks and set reminders. No matter where a person is or what they may need, Lifefyle is on hand to deliver an essential life admin solution – bespoke to the demands of an individual and their family.

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An Overview of Life Administration

Lifefyle helps to read documents and look for key dates, as well as generate and prioritise tasks. If an MOT needs renewing, a mortgage fixed rate is coming to an end, or a future bill needs to be remembered, upload it into Lifefyle and receive a reminder at the right time. Tasks can also be linked to documents so when the time comes, the details needed to complete the task are on hand.
No matter the family life situation, Lifefyle can be customised to the specific life and admin needs of the individual – creating a unique folder structure and categorisation, based on each family’s personal set-up.

How It Works

Life Administration software provides advisers and their clients with access to a range of tools, which aim to make it easier to share, manage and stay on top of life administration tasks – as well as store documents in one simple, secure and instantly accessible place.

Benefits of Life Administration Services:

  • Six month free trial available for Stellar customers
  • Complimentary for investors in the Stellar Bespoke IHT Service
  • Provides an easier, faster and more holistic approach to managing life admin and the excessive everyday responsibilities
  • Enables clients to stay on top of life with instant access to whatever they need, wherever they are
  • Offers support to work smarter, not harder, by issuing admin integrations, task generation and timely reminders whenever a task needs to be actioned
  • Keeps clients connected with home – collaborating on decisions, even when they’re busy with the demands of their career and work life
  • Allows clients to find balance by eliminating the hassle of everyday life and instead, delivering the time and headspace to focus on the things that matter most

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Supporting Advisers

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