Intellectual Property Review Service

Protecting the intellectual property (IP) of a business is important to ensure others do not take advantage of knowledge or products which have been developed. Whilst this is done from a legal point of view, there are also planning opportunities and tax reliefs, like R&D or Patent Box, available on existing IP or IP developments.

Early identification of this will aid cashflow of a business by claiming reliefs at the earliest opportunity. The potential for generating income from the licensing of IP can all be considered to look at tax efficient structures to receive this income.

Our Partner can advise whether a business has IP which it could benefit from, and how certain reliefs or planning opportunities could help maximise the benefit of this.

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An Overview of Intellectual Property Review Advice

Our services aim to secure all intellectual property against the threat of potential competitors.

How It Works

Our Partner will identify potential planning opportunities or tax reliefs which protect the IP of a business.

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