Employee Ownership Trusts

Employee Ownership Trusts (EOT), rather than the usual management buy out route, are becoming increasingly popular – and can be used to incentivise employees, enabling them to become part owners of the business and thus share in the future success of its growth.

Our Partner can discuss the tax implications and obtain the correct legal advice, to ensure the structure is the right solution for your business – and start to implement the planning.

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An Overview of Employee Ownership Trust Advice

An Employee Ownership Trust provides an opportunity for employees to retain a part of the business, in order to stimulate greater involvement, commitment and motivation.

Our advice is curated from experts within the industry, who can help you to navigate the landscape of Employee Ownership Trust- and apply to each business model.

How It Works

Our Partner will get to know the inner workings of a business, developing a tailored solution which serves to benefit all employees – and ultimately the company itself.

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Supporting Advisers

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