Stellar Partner Services:
the complete estate planning solution

Building New Relationships

Stellar Partner Services is designed to provide resources, support and reassurance in all the critical areas that you as a financial adviser may require to execute great estate planning. This is an ideal way to strengthen the estate planning element of your business and open up new commercial opportunities. The service will enable you to:

  • advise on larger, more complex cases
  • bridge any technical knowledge gaps
  • benefit from the opportunities within the Inheritance economy
  • work with trusted partners to deliver best advice
  • unlock new business opportunities

Strengthen Your Capabilities

Our carefully selected partners comprise some of the leading legal, tax and later life firms in the UK. This is complemented by digital solutions and consultancy services that can help your clients to think differently and innovatively about their capital. You can access appropriate support at whatever stage of the planning and management process you and your clients require.

Only What You Need

Our aim is to bring together a community of experts who can help you to create holistic solutions. You are more than welcome to maintain existing relationships with valued providers, while bringing in particular Stellar Partner Services as and when you need.

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Partner Services Brochure

Strengthen the estate planning element of your business with Stellar Partner Services and find out how they help unlock the £5 trillion inheritance economy.

Partner Services Flyer

Find out how Stellar Partner Services provides resources, support and reassurance in all the critical areas that you may require to execute great estate planning.

Estate Planning Services

Safeguarding assets for the next generation.

Business Services

Partner services to support business owners throughout the lifecycle of their company.

Consultancy Services

Services to support estate planning, including digital solutions.

Unlocking the £5 trillion inheritance economy

“Over the next ten years, it is estimated that the Baby Boomer generation will pass on more than a trillion pounds to their children and other beneficiaries. By 2050, it is predicted that the value of these legacies will have reached a staggering £5.5 trillion*, making the ‘inheritance economy’ the largest transfer of wealth in history.

The big question for you as a financial adviser is how can you help your clients prepare for this transfer in the most informed, effective and sensitive way? We believe that collaboration is imperative and have launched our Partner Service to help you answer this question. Stellar Partner Services provides a solution to the critical services you need to create great estate plans for your clients.

Matthew Steiner, Corporate Director

* Kings Court Trust, ‘Passing on the Pounds’.

Benefits of Working Alongside Specialist Partners

Starting the Conversation

Estate planning can be a difficult subject to bring up with your clients. After all, nobody wants to think about their mortality. It can also be a deeply complex process, potentially cutting across multiple assets, complicated family relationships and numerous legal jurisdictions. Inevitably, there is the risk of dispute, with tax authorities or between beneficiaries.

Yet, this reticence about estate planning can lead to the needless loss of huge amounts of wealth. Legacy leakage doesn’t just come from inheritance tax, but also inefficient management in areas such as estate administration, monetising illiquid assets and passing on ownership and wealth to children while clients are still alive.

We have been involved in estate planning for over 20 years and fully understand the challenges and barriers that you face when discussing this area of financial planning with your clients. Our experience shows that the best way to start the conversation is to explain what is at stake and offer informed solutions. Stellar Partner Services can help give you the confidence to introduce this sensitive yet critical subject.

Orchestrating the Solution

While you are likely to be reaching out to your professional connections to provide specialist support, our experience shows that it is vital that you remain at the centre of the advice process. You know them. They trust you. Stellar Partner Services offers the suite of services that will enable you to provide holistic solutions for your clients, while ensuring that you continue to manage advice and execution.

Securing the Future

Stellar Partner Services helps you to focus on wealth generation as well as wealth preservation. You can help your clients to build up their legacies, diversify their investments and support innovation and growth in our economy. The planning and support we provide would also make it easier for your clients to pass on their wealth to their children when the beneficiaries need it most.

Targeted and Tailored Support

We recognise that each of your clients has different circumstances, aspirations and preferences. Stellar Partner Services is here to support you in devising and executing a tailored and integrated solution that best serves their individual needs.