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It doesn’t matter if a client’s financial circumstances are simple or complicated; creating a solid estate planning foundation for them can save many thousands of pounds of unnecessary future taxation liabilities.

That’s why, in addition to our wide range of estate planning services, we have taken the time to develop collaborative relationships with a number of professional service providers to create a framework of partners for you to call upon to support all aspects of your clients’ estate planning needs.

The aim is to provide additional professional, independent advice for the more complex areas and which support the financial advice and planning.

This creates an integrated and tax-efficient financial and estate plan, which not only provides for the next generation but also provides you with peace of mind and full control of your capital during your lifetime.

Additional support is available to business owners to ensure that tax-efficiency and eligibility for available reliefs are maintained prior to and after a sale.

Our Expert Partner Services covers a wide range of professional disciplines and sit alongside financial planning to provide peace of mind and reassurance to both advisers and clients.

Support designed for you

Our partners offer advice and support in these areas:

  • Legal services
  • Tax advisory
  • Estate administration services
  • Lifestyle management services

Ensuring that the financial adviser remains at the centre and in control of the advice process is critical to the process and our partners will always ensure that this is the case.

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