Introducing Expert Partners

Really effective estate planning will usually require a combination of financial, legal and taxation advice.

We have recognised this and so, as part of our estate and succession planning (ESP) proposition we have created a framework of collaborative partners who work alongside financial advisers and their clients to provide support and advice in the area of estate planning.

The aim is to help you ensure that you develop a truly holistic plan which encompasses all areas of your life, with professional, independent advice available for the more complex areas.

Additional support is available to business owners, to ensure that tax-efficiency and eligibility for available reliefs are maximised both prior to and after a sale.

Our Expert Partners cover a wide range of professional disciplines and lifestyle and administration services. Alongside financial planning, they help to provide peace of mind and reassurance.

Professional Partners

Support designed for you

Our partners offer advice and support in 4 key areas:

  • legal services
  • tax advisory
  • administration services
  • lifestyle management services

Our partners will ensure that the financial adviser is always at the centre of the advice process and that clients receive a holistic and robust estate plan.

Lifestyle Partners