UK commercial property development offers investors access to a proven tax-efficient asset class that is underpinned by a freehold or long leasehold. It is an easy to understand asset class which generates capital growth and offers tax efficiency – making it suitable for both private investors and business owners. It also gives these investors the opportunity to benefit from limited market supply, and provides a strong sales position after development.


We work together with commercial property developers to source and acquire opportunities, and to develop the land for commercial use. All sites selected have full planning permission for commercial property development.


A commercial property development partnership acquires a freehold or long leasehold interest in each development site, with full title at the Land Registry, and the partnership enters into a joint venture with a commercial development specialist. A contract with a construction company is then agreed, with independent cost consultants and quantity surveyors approving each stage of the development.

Meet our Investment Manager

Martin Smith

Tavis House Properties was formed in 2015 by Martin Smith, a Chartered Surveyor with over 40 years experience in the UK property market. Martin had previously formed and built one of the premier industrial property asset management and development businesses, with a portfolio over 11 million square feet of industrial and business space.

Tavis House was formed to take advantage of opportunities created by the diminishing supply of industrial/employment land, particularly in the South East and Home Counties.

Tavis House current project portfolio is just over 1 million square feet.

Investment in Commercial Property Development can be accessed through the following services: