The Stellar Growth Inheritance Tax (IHT) Service is a discretionary managed service which is designed for investors who want to leave a growing legacy, free from inheritance tax. It provides access to a range of qualifying business activities that offer security and diversification, in addition to qualifying for Business Relief.

This service is unique within the Stellar portfolio, because it involves creating one solely-owned company which invests across a range of different Investment Sectors, including UK Forests and Farms, Renewable Energy, Hotels, Bridging Finance, and Residential and Commercial Development. 

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Key Features

Tax efficiency





Legacy planning

Providing complete control

The Stellar Growth Inheritance Tax Service is structured unlike any of our other estate planning portfolios, because we put investors in complete control.

On investment, we establish a trading company for each investor – in a name of their choosing – and issue them 100% of the share capital. This capital will be spread across a range of qualifying business activities within our Investment Sectors.

We provide complete administration, discretionary management, accounting and taxation services to each company. This allows investors to focus on enjoying life, knowing their legacy is being looked after.

Tax comparison

Using the Stellar Growth IHT Service, a subscription of £500,000 will incur Corporation Tax (currently 19%) on profits. But when compared to ‘doing nothing’, the potential savings really become apparent.

With no inheritance tax planning in place, this £500,000 could incur a potential liability of 45% income tax, 20% capital gains tax and 40% inheritance tax – or in short, an extra £200,000 on average.

Not only this, but the Stellar Growth IHT Service can also be structured in a way that enables separate companies to be formed for each beneficiary, enabling them to take the money or keep the company, depending on their individual wishes.

Why choose the Stellar Growth Inheritance Tax Service?


The Stellar Growth IHT Service is an estate planning service which offers relief from inheritance tax after two years.


Investing in a diversified range of trading businesses, supported by tangible assets that provide both security and the opportunity for capital growth.

Dual benefit

The service is managed with the objective of providing capital preservation and growth. The Stellar Growth IHT Service has a net target return of 5% per annum.


Investors can leave a growing legacy that is protected from inheritance tax.


Independent two year term policy to cover the qualifying period for Business Relief, through AIG.


Gives the option to cater for multiple beneficiaries who wish to handle their inheritances differently

Independent inheritance tax liability insurance – two year cover

For investors using Business Relief, AIG offers a term assurance policy which is designed to cover any liability for inheritance tax in the first two years of their planning.

This independent term assurance policy allows for single life and joint life second death, and can provide cover to complement our estate planning services, as well as other inheritance tax liabilities.

To find out more about this policy, please visit AIG’s website.

Please note – advisers will need to register with AIG before recommending to an investor.

Case Studies

To learn more about the Stellar Growth Inheritance Tax Service and the different planning options available, please read our Case Studies.

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Useful Resources

We have a range of useful information to support investors and advisers:

  • Guides, case studies and infographics to help investors understand the importance of estate and succession planning
  • Due diligence reports, independent research and suitability letters to assist advisers in providing accurate information

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Investing in Inheritance Tax Services carries risks and is not suitable for everyone, click here for more information on the Risks of Investing.

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