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At Stellar we are specialists in developing, marketing and managing innovative investment products, which help to deliver real added value to your clients.

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Three reasons why financial planners use trading companies to mitigate IHT

Stellar | Succession:  A bespoke product that provides investors with a diversified portfolio of asset backed trades within their own company.

Financial planners recommend Stellar | Succession companies for three main reasons as they:

1.Are IHT free after just 2 years
2.Are owned 100% by each investor
3.Give access to asset backed investments which have low correlation to the major asset classes

In addition, your client has control over the income and capital.

There are three important reasons why you should consider working with Stellar for trading companies and IHT mitigation

1. Our portfolio of six trades which is more than any of our competitors
2. The single company structure offers a high level of transparency and maximises tax efficiency
3. As its name suggests, these structures are designed to be passed on to the next generation and are therefore long term planning solutions.

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Our Products

Our products are designed to reduce or mitigate inheritance tax within approved and established structures.  The investment strategies we adopt are designed to protect wealth and are typically backed by tangible assets.

All our products offer 100% exemption from IHT after just two years of ownership and come with the option to insure against future loss of value.

We offer discretionary managed AIM portfolios which are available inside and outside an ISA wrapper together with a wide range of asset backed trading activities including

  • Forestry
  • Farming
  • Hotels
  • Solar (feed-in tariffs)
  • Asset & bridging finance

Typical clients are those who

  • are wealthy but require control of their capital
  • are elderly and require a quicker solution than a PET
  • seek diversity from traditional asset classes
  • acting under a power of attorney

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