Adviser zone

Working with financial planners

Your clients expect good service from you and we take exactly the same approach with you. We want to support you in providing effective and efficient financial advice to your clients.

We specialise in tax efficient investments that take advantage of robust, longstanding legislation. Some of this may not be well known so we have developed a range of tools that can be of benefit to financial planners.

IHT Consultation Service

If you have clients that should be planning to do something about their IHT liability, we can offer an IHT Consultation Service. We will work with you to build a profile of your client and examine individual case studies and suggest how liabilities can be mitigated. More…


We hold regular seminars that are informative and educational, not sales events. More…


We have produced short webcasts that introduce topics and develop into special case studies through the series. More…

Co-hosted Workshops

We host workshops to enable you to bring clients and/or professional connections with an agenda of your choosing. More…

Guides for Financial Planners

We have produced guides to a range of subjects we feel are relevant. More…

Service and Communications

We exist to help support those clients who have put faith in your recommendation in us, and all our products have regular reporting dates. If you or a client needs more up to date information you can always contact us at any time.

Terms of Business

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