About us

About us

Stellar is an investment specialist providing tax-efficient services for financial advisers and their clients

We work with financial advisers, planners, wealth managers and other financial intermediaries to offer investment opportunities that mitigate risk and deliver attractive, long-term returns.

Inheritance Tax planning services

Our Inheritance Tax (IHT) services offer 100 per cent relief from IHT after two years and are all fully insurable against loss of value.

Financial advisers can choose from two AiM portfolios run by an award-winning fund manager with a proven track record or to participate in asset classes that typically have property or land at their core.

This provides financial advisers and their clients with the security of tangible assets and low correlation with traditional asset classes.

Our IHT services are fully insurable against future loss of value.  Click here for more details 

Tax planning products

Our tax planning products typically offer capital gains and income tax reliefs for investors using legislation such as EIS.

Our experience enables us to identify suitable opportunities, complete rigorous due diligence and create products and services using a tax efficient structure.

Investment products
These provide financial advisers with access to alternative investment sectors, such as hotels and are suitable for pension funds.

We partner with specialist managers which enables us to provide consistent investment management to our financial advisers and their clients.

Stellar is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an AiFMD firm and is a member of the EIS Association.

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